Testing of window handles

acc. to EN 13126-3 • DIN 18267 • RAL-GZ 607/9

PIV has all of the testing facilities required for testing window handles. Clickable and lockable window handles are tested in accordance with the German standard DIN 18267, European standard EN 13126-3 and RAL 607/9. DIN 18267 stipulates a dimensional inspection of the products, in general an endurance test and corrosion test, as well as miscellaneous torsion and tensile tests.

The objective of these tests is to safeguard the durability of the characteristics as well as overall usability. Moreover, the use of window handles in burglar resistant windows is linked to certain requirements. These requirements can be verified and certified by PIV.

PIV also offers its customers PIV CERT certification in accordance with DIN 18267 or a RAL quality mark for window handles. In addition to the specific technical requirements stipulated in DIN 18267 or RAL-GZ 607/9, the RAL quality mark is associated with an inspection of the production site.

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