25 years PIV: Sascha Holz honored

Sascha Holz (46) has been working for the Prüfinstitut Schlösser und Beschläge Velbert (PIV) for 25 years. He has now been honored for his conscientious performance and loyalty by the institute's director Andrea Horsthemke and the managing director of the Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge e.V., Stephan Schmidt.

Sascha Holz joined the PIV in 1998 as a trained industrial mechanic and attended the technical school extra-occupationally. As a state-certified technician in the field of mechanical engineering with a focus on production engineering, he worked as an inspector for many years and, among other things, also carried out inspections for PIV CERT. Later, the participation and collaboration in standards meetings was added. From March 2016, he took over the laboratory management. In parallel, he continues to supervise tests and carries out up to 35 inspections per year. Thanks to these activities, Sascha Holz is well known and well-connected in the industry.

"I really enjoy the variety. Occasionally, physical work is still required, for example in the burglary tests, as a balance to the mental work, among other things in creating test templates and concepts for new tests. In addition, there is the human aspect of customer service and the out-of-town appointments. This mixture makes the work in the PIV and the PIV itself special for me", says Sascha Holz.

In addition to many stories and anecdotes, the specialist technician also remembers his early days well: "Right on my first day, I had to help with a burglary inspection," Holz reports, adding with a laugh: "My first thought was, 'If it doesn't work out here, I can earn my bread some other way.'" Fortunately, that wasn't necessary. Instead, for a quarter of a century, he has worked to ensure that others are denied this opportunity.



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