RAL-GZ 607/9 for window handles and window handles with protective effect revised

Outdated standards and the publication of the new version DIN EN13126-3:2023-04 have made it necessary to revise RAL-GZ 607/9. The changes were made by the Quality Association for Locks and Fittings (Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge) together with the Quality Committee and the new version was approved by the General Assembly of the Quality Association.

In accordance with the requirements, the standard statuses were removed in the new version of the Quality and Inspection Specifications RAL-GZ 607/9 and a reference to the currently valid versions was established. In particular, points 2.1, 2.2 and 2.3 of the classification key in the quality and testing regulations were adapted in accordance with the new DIN EN13126-3:2023-04 and points 4.2.3 and 4.2.4 were expanded to include the final inspection in the assembly production area. In addition, the new logo was included due to changes in the RAL corporate design and the current labeling regulations.

The voluntary quality and test regulations RAL-GZ 607/9 go with additional quality requirements beyond the specifications of the underlying European standards and are intended to bring the special quality of window handles and lockable window handles to the fore. The RAL quality mark can therefore only be obtained by a manufacturer who meets the quality requirements set out here, from design through to production.

For the Quality Association for Locks and Fittings (Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge), the quality and testing regulations are the set of rules for awarding manufacturers the RAL quality mark for locks and fittings for their products. It is therefore important that they are always up to date.

The new version can be viewed in scroll function on the homepage of the Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge e.V. and will soon be available for purchase from Beuth Verlag.

230926_RAL-GZ 607-9

The revision of RAL-GZ 607/9 was necessary because DIN EN13126-3 was revised.
Image copyright: Gütegemeinschaft Schlösser und Beschläge

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