PIV CERT certification association

PIV CERT is a product certification body for construction products. PIV offers a suitable certification programme for every type of lock or hardware. Burglar resistance certification can be arranged for windows, doors, curtain walls, grilles, shutters and gates.

The principles pertaining to the structure and maintenance of a product certification body are governed in standard DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065. As an accredited certification body, PIV must therefore undergo regular inspections by the German Accreditation Body (DAkkS).

A test performed by PIV (or another institute) in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 enables manufacturers to obtain certification of their construction product on a voluntary basis. Certification always includes an initial production site inspection as well as periodic follow-up inspections.


Certification programmes offered

  • Door hardware / security plates / rosettes acc. to EN 1906
  • Door hardware / security plates / rosettes acc. to EN 1906 plus (EN 1906 plus additional requirements)
  • Burglar resistant windows, doors, curtain walls, grilles, shutters and additional shutters acc. to EN 1627 and DIN V ENV 1627
  • Mortise locks for rebate doors acc. to DIN 18251-1
  • Mortise locks for tube frame doors acc. to DIN 18251-2
  • Mortise locks for multi-point locks acc. to DIN 18251-3
  • Security plates / safety rosettes acc. to DIN 18257
  • Profile cylinder for mortise locks acc. to DIN 18252
  • Locking cylinders for locks acc. to EN 1303, EN 15684
  • Screw-on retrofit products for windows and doors acc. to DIN 18104-1
  • Retrofit products for windows and doors installed in the rebate acc. to DIN 18104-2
  • Window handles, clickable and lockable window handles according to DIN 18267
  • Locks and building hardware / mechanically operated locks and striking plates according to EN 12209


The list of certification programmes offered is constantly updated.


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