Door hardware testing

acc. to EN 1906 • prEN 16867 • DIN 18257 • DIN 18273 • RAL-GZ 607/6

PIV has all of the testing facilities required for testing door handle fixtures. Mechanical door handle fixtures for use on fire doors and smoke control doors are tested according to DIN 18273 and can obtain a conformity mark with this standard.

Safety hardware can be tested either according to the RAL quality guideline RAL-GZ 607/6, the German DIN 18257 or the European standard EN 1906. Test components include dimensional checks, corrosion resistance testing, strength, torsion and resistance testing as well as continuous function tests.

Mechatronic door hardware falls within the scope of prEN 16867. The primary focus of testing for these products is on strength, continuous shock, vibration, torsion and resistance testing as well as electrostatic discharge testing, continuous function testing, tests of environmental resistance (corrosion, water, humidity, cold and heat) and authorisation security (ICC, PIN codes, biometrics and access cards).

If certification (testing and inspection by PIV) is desired, this can be obtained through the respective PIV CERT certification programme or RAL guideline RAL-GZ 607/6. A PIV CERT certificate or RAL quality mark will be issued for door handle fixtures once they have successfully passed the test and the initial production site inspection has run smoothly. Safety hardware may also be listed with the Commission for Crime Prevention (KPK). For this, the attack resistance classes specified in the list must be complied with.

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