News of 17 March 2020


Expansion of the accreditation in PIV

The Testing Institute Locks and Hardware Velbert [Prüfinstitut Schlösser und Beschläge Velbert (PIV)] has expanded its test ranges to include the standard for burglar resistance on garage doors and gates (E DIN SPEC 18194:2019-10) and the standard for mechatronic padlocks (DIN EN 16864:2017-11).

Burglar resistance on garage doors and gates

E DIN 18194:2019-10 contains the requirements and classification of burglar-resistant gates. The standard is applied, for example, to the product groups of sectional gates, roller gates / roller grilles, lift gates and up-and-over doors (swinging).
Static, dynamic and manual burglary tests are carried out on the products according to EN 1627 - EN 1630. The classes differ mainly in increasing static and dynamic requirements and in the area of manual tool attack by increasing the attack time and the use of defined tool sets. The products are classified in one of the Resistance Classes (RC) RC 1 to RC 6.

Mechatronic padlocks

DIN EN 16864:2017-11 describes the requirements for the performance and testing of mechatronic padlocks and their keys. The main focus of testing for these products is on strength, torsion, shock and vibration tests as well as electrostatic discharge tests, continuous function tests and tests of environmental resistance (corrosion, water, humidity, cold and heat).

If certification (testing and monitoring by PIV) of mechatronic padlocks is desired, this can be achieved through the appropriate certification program. The PIV CERT certification association awards the padlocks and padlock fittings with a certificate, after the test has been passed and the first visit to the production plant has been positive.

"We are pleased to have expanded our range in PIV with the successful accreditation and to be able to offer our customers testing and certification for mechatronic padlocks and burglar resistance on garage doors and gates", says Andrea Horsthemke, head of the Testing Institute Locks and Hardware.


Testing of mechatronic padlocks and their keys at the Testing Institute Locks and Hardware Velbert.

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