Corrosion testing

acc. to EN 1670 • EN ISO 9227 • DIN 50017 • DIN 50018

The corrosion test is an integral part of nearly all product certification. It constitutes an important characteristic that PIV tests for its customers. The salt spray test is a widely used and well-established standard test procedure.

The EN 1670 standard is used as the basis for evaluating locks and hardware. It refers to EN ISO 9227 (Corrosion tests in artificial atmospheres – salt spray tests).

The neutral salt spray test in accordance with EN ISO 9227 applies to:

  • Metals and their alloys
  • Metallic coatings (anodically or cathodically effective)
  • Conversion coatings
  • Anodic oxide coatings
  • Organic coatings on metallic materials

Our test chamber for the salt spray test is suitable for specimens of up to 1.9 m in length and a maximum width of 0.6 m.
Furthermore, PIV also offers tests in accordance with DIN 50018 (Testing in a saturated atmosphere in the presence of sulfur dioxide) and in accordance with DIN 50017 (Condensation water test atmospheres).

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