Your partner for testing, certification and monitoring

As an accredited and internationally recognised testing institute, we stand for manufacturer-independent and expert testing services in the field of locks and hardware as well as windows and doors – and have done so since 1978.

Our team is known for its outstanding professional competence, a high degree of motivation, commitment, responsibility and quality awareness.

Take advantage of our extensive knowledge and many years of experience as a service provider.

We ...

  • offer reliable quality in the fields of testing, monitoring and certification
  • ensure that you receive professional, expert and personal support
  • see ourselves as a skilled, independent and reliable partner
  • meet each other in a spirit of openness, trust and respect
  • always focus on the customer and act with an awareness of costs
  • constantly optimise our technical facilities and continually expand our range of services

We are PIV – The Testing Institute Locks and Hardware Velbert



Testing / Certifying

Test ranges

As an accredited testing laboratory, PIV stands for independent and expert testing services.


PIV CERT certification

With PIV CERT, PIV has a product certification body according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17065.


Certified products

PIV certifies products according to DIN standards, EN standards and RAL quality guidelines.

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endeDie Branchenvertretung der Schloss- und BeschlagindustrieSocial
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DIN EN 13126-3:2023-04 will be published in April

With issue date 2023-04 the standard

DIN EN 13126-3
Building hardware - Hardware for windows and french doors - Requirements and test methods -
Part 3: Operating handles, in particular for turn-tilt, tilt-turn and turn-only hardware;
German version EN 13126-3:2023
Date of issue: 2023-04

will be published.

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UKCA transition period for construction products extended to 30 June 2025

As the Testing Institute Locks and Hardware Velbert [Prüfinstitut Schlösser und Beschläge Velbert (PIV)] has learned from the homepage of the British government, the UK government has decided to extend the transition period for CE-marked products by another 2.5 years to 30 June 2025.

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Transition period UKCA for many products extended to 31.12.2024 - special regulations for construction products not yet known

As we have learned from the homepage of the British government, the UK government has decided to extend the transition period for CE-marked products to 31.12.2024 again. So far, however, this postponement does not yet apply to all products. This also includes construction products. The ministries responsible for the sectors concerned are currently making sector-specific regulations. The legislation is expected to be passed shortly.

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