DIN EN 13126-3:2023-04 will be published in April

With issue date 2023-04 the standard

DIN EN 13126-3
Building hardware - Hardware for windows and door-height windows - Requirements and test methods - Part 3: Handles, primarily for Tilt and Turn, Tilt-First and Turn-Only hardware;
German version EN 13126-3:2023
Date of issue: 2023-04

will be published.

This part of the EN 13126 series of standards specifies the requirements and test procedures for the endurance performance, strength, protection and operation of actuating handles.

This document applies to turn-tilt, tilt-turn and turn-only handles for use on windows and French doors. Actuating handles may also be used on other types of openings, such as in-line sliding windows, tilt-slide windows, folding-slide windows, swing sash windows, and reversible sash windows.

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