Testing of cylinders for locks

  • Acc. to DIN EN 1303, DIN 18252 and RAL-RG 607/5

The European standard DIN EN 1303 is the test standard for cylinder locks. This represents the standard for this product group. PIV offers this test as well. The 8-digit classification key is used to certify cylinder locks with a variety of functions and safety features.

The DIN 18252 standard must be followed if entire locking systems are to be tested. This is a collateral standard for DIN EN 1303.

The scope of testing comprises a durability test, corrosion protection test and environmental test as well as drilling/pull-out protection as needed.

If certification (testing plus inspection by PIV) is desired, this can be obtained through the respective PIV CERT certification programme or RAL guideline RAL-RG 607/5. A PIV CERT certificate or RAL quality mark can be issued for cylinder locks once they have successfully passed the test and the initial production site inspection has run smoothly.