Burglar Resistance

  • Acc. to DIN EN 1627 - 1630

Burglar resistance testing is a highly complex subject. The tests are carried out in European testing institutes in a uniform manner, in accordance with the DIN EN 1627-1630 series of standards. This test range is firmly established at PIV and has been in use for over 20 years.

The standard breaks down the burglar resistance test into six resistance classes (RCs): RC 1N through RC 6. The testing sequence comprises a static test and a dynamic test in RC 1N; RC 2/RC 2N - RC 3 testing includes a static test, a dynamic test and a manual attack with simple tools; the RC 4 - RC 6 tests include a static test and a manual attack. The classes are primarily differentiated by heightened static and dynamic requirements and, with respect to manual attacks with tools, by an extended attack time as well as the use of defined tool kits.

If certification is desired (testing plus inspection by PIV), this can be obtained through the respective PIV CERT certification programme. A PIV CERT certificate can be issued for individual components once they have successfully passed the test and the initial production site inspection has run smoothly.