Tilt and turn testing

  • Acc. to RAL-GZ 607/3 and the DIN EN 13126 series of standards

Since its foundation, tilt and turn testing has been a core area of expertise at PIV.

Tilt and turn hardware is tested in accordance with DIN EN 13126-8. The test comprises a durability test of the tilt and turn functions as well as a variety of load tests, such as the rebate obstacle test and embrasure test.

Moreover, PIV offers the RAL quality mark for tilt and turn hardware. RAL guideline RAL-GZ 607/3 combines two critical standards into a single test procedure. These are DIN EN 13126-8 (Tilt & turn, tilt-first and turn-only hardware) and DIN EN 1191 (Resistance to repeated opening and closing). The RAL quality mark is incorporated into an inspection of the production site carried out by PIV and forms the basis for interchangeability of the hardware.

In addition to hardware for tilt and turn windows, other types of window hardware can be tested at PIV, e.g. lift and slide fittings, folding sliding doors and hardware for pivot windows.